About us

Leap Beta Tutors is a 100% Black, Female owned private tutoring company which aims at helping learners & students reach their full academic potential. The name Leap Beta was inspired by the vision of the company, which is helping students move from a point of confusion, to a point of understanding better. A big part of the company is inspired by Mathematics and hence the use of the Greek symbol Beta in the name. We offer tutoring services for all subjects from Grade 1 to 12, as well as university modules. Our tutors have excelled in the various subjects that they tutor & aim to help our clients reach their Goals. We also offer learning and development consulting services to corporate and government departments.

Vision & Mission

  • To become one of the best tutorial service providers in the country by providing quality tutorial services which will aid learners and students with the South African curriculum.

  • To establish an online tutoring platform/Application which will have fully functional tutoring services.
  • To establish tutoring centres nationwide.